So I found myself wanting to rip the audio of a SWF file and of course there’s twenty billion SWF-to-MP3 converters out there. I installed a bunch. 99% of them can’t do what they claim. Most can’t rip from a protected SWF file. Few are completely free.

Thank me. I found SWFrip and it’s completely free and completely able to rip an image or audio from your SWF file whether it’s protected or not.  Thanks to this program, I was able to turn a SWF file into a YouTube video.

Here’s the link and good luck:

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  1. Isaiah J Roberts

    Hmm… does anyone wonder why you’re wishing to copy the audio from a flash file???

    I heartily agree with you, it’s annoying just finding a program that will PLAY swf files. ugh.

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