I have 500 facebook friends. But I interact closely with less then 15 of them. 

 Which means that Facebook’s new “stream of updates”  can get rather confusing. Imagine Facebook trying to keep me up todate about 500 status messages. Yeah. Here’s how to quickly make a friend filter that will show you updates from your closets friends:

1. Follow this link to view all your friends. http://www.facebook.com/friends/?everyone&ref=tn

2. On the left column, there is a big button that says, “Make a New List”. Click it. (duh)

3. Give a name to your list, like “Relatives” or “Close friends” or “People I would rather see dead”. Press enter.

4. Now, start adding specific friends by typing in their names.

5. See it in action: Go to your facebook home page where it lists all the status messages (link), and you’ll notice there is a small, left column. This column contains the name of your friend list. Click it and instantly view the updates posted by the friends you preselected. 

6. BONUS: notice at the bottom of each List is a link that says “Message this list” - this allows you to quickly message your list of close friends, or message that list of people you’d rather see dead. (”Hi. My name is Daniel Gardner. You’re on my black list. Prepare to die.”)

See how easy that was? You owe me one comment.

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  1. Elisabeth Richardson

    Thank you! :-D ‘Tis awesome advice…

    And there, now I’ve paid up the comment I owed. ;-)

  2. sage

    Thanks so much for making this seem so simple to us non-technical people, Daniel! Now…to go see if it really works! :D

  3. Nicki


  4. Hannitta

    One comment, genius.

  5. Katie

    Actually, I had already done that. You can make multiple lists. Some for HSA friends, some for black list friends, some for friends you actually like. :-)

  6. Tony

    Thank you! I have regained control of my Facebook home page!

  7. Janalee

    Thanks for the tip! I finaly have my FB under control :)
    Janalee Duarte- Brasil!

  8. Ian Rogers

    Great thanks! Now I can actually understand why I should make a list in the first place lol!

  9. Nathaniel

    Wait, I don’t owe you a comment, I already knew how to do that. In fact, I even have a Male and Female list. Cool beans, eh? I just wish you could filter by more than one list at once.

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