Okay, so you’ve heard some of the hype about widgets and now you want to try your hand at it. Point is, most widget services either create web-only widgets (SproutBuilder) or involve deep coding (Yahoo widgets). Major blegh. I feel your pain. Here’s a quick and simple solution to building your first desktop widget:

1. Create the Widget using a free account at SproutBuilder

2. Publish your SproutBuilder widget and you’ll notice at the bottom of the “Your widget has been published” screen, there’s a link to the SWF file. Copy that link.

3. Head over to ClearSpring.com and create a free account there.

4. Click “Add a Widget,” then “In Widget,” and choose the AC3 format and paste your SWF link into the Flash url link.

5. Complete and Presto! ClearSpring enables any widget to also work on the desktop, depending on if you have the right framework installed. For Vista users, it is even more simple…you add it directly to Vista without installing a third-party framework.

Done. Wish granted. Game over.

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