Something funny has been happening over at the the popular YouTube Failblog channel, which posts video clips of people failing at various activities. Recently, there have been an mudslide of similiar comments on the Failblog videos, with hundreds of different viewers asking: “Did he die?” Other variations include, “Did she death?” “Did the cat die?” “Did the glass table dead?”

No one knows who started the trend, but hundreds of users have caught on to the idea and youtube videos are becoming bespeckled with “Did he die?” comments.

Personally, I think it’s funny. Not only does the trend mock those simpleton viewers who actually thinks someone dies but it builds a hilarious reaction from those who aren’t aware of the trend. Such as, “What do you mean DID HE DIE? Of course not duh!! All he did was fall off his skateboard, you brainfade!!” And of course the joke is him, cause he’s the brainfade who hasn’t caught on to the newest youtube trend.

And speaking of youtube trends….seriously…I MUCH prefer trends of the Did He Die flavor instead of the sickingly copy/paste trend of “How to know if you’re a good kisser” or “repost this or else you will be killed in a vacant lot by vacant killers” or “repost this and fall in love” or “help Bob rule the world”.

The “did he die?” trend has brought a much needed sense of sarcasm, wit, and light humor to an otherwise MySpace-generation based YouTube community.

All you need is a sense of humor. (Did yours die?)

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  1. Dead

    Did this site die?

  2. CathyC

    Can anyone inform me if the said individual expired as a result?

  3. Hannitta

    lawwwwwl, great post, my friend. :D

  4. MoistTowelette

    I was going to leave a comment…but it died as I was typing i…

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