So my scenario is pretty stupid: I’m using the FlipShare program, sorting through my Flip videos and I select the coolest video and press “Delete” and confirm the deletion.

 Moments later, I’m like, “Waaa…? Did I just….?” 

Yeah, and it’s then you notice there’s no “Undo Delete video” option in the Flip program. And if you check your Recyle Bin, the deleted video doesn’t show up there either. You begin to cold sweat.

My desperate Google search found this article and it points to a program called “UndeleteMyFiles”. I download the program and as it installs I continue to call myself an idiot, a loser, a failure at life and other such derogatory terms meant to instill self confidence.

 I run the program. It lists my C drive as well as my Flip Video camera (listed as G: drive). I select my Flip Video camera and press the button, “Search”. It lists 10 or so videos, all of which had been previously deleted at some time or another. I select one video and click the button, “Recover”. It asks me to specify a folder on my computer to recover the video to. I do that and begin to cry. It’s recovering my video.

The recovered file is called “_ID00018″. I go to my Flip Video camera folder (the G: drive) and navigate to the folder of videos. I copy my “_ID00018.avi” file into the camera’s folder and rename the file, “VID00018“.  

Then  I restarted my FlipShare program. It opens and displays my lost-now-recovered file as being available to edit, send, and share as normal.

 I become profusely grateful. I write this post for all other FlipVideo owners who run into the same stupid scenario. And yes, it is stupid. Been there, done that. 

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  1. Bobbi

    LOL! That was really well written. I’ve been there, done that too, except I didn’t have the brains to try to recover it. I just continued to verbally abuse myself and resign to live with that sick feeling you get when you’ve done something so stupid for the rest of my life. :P

  2. Marc Hache

    BEAUTY ! I turned on the flip after coming back from vacation and all videos had been deleted ! I have no idea how this could have happened. The only thing I can think of is that the power then delete buttons got pressed while it was in my luggage.

    Program worked as advertised. Got 95% of the videos back. Some recovered ones aren’t playable.

  3. Sandy

    Help!! I need to recover videos form the FLIP memory but I use a Mac so “UndeleteMyFiles” won’t work. Could you recover my files for me? I am in LA…

  4. Heather

    Which version of undeletemyfiles pro works best for Flip Ultra? Which did you guys use?
    Hoping this will save me!

  5. Anjie

    I love you. It’s true. I just fell in love with you.

  6. margaret Stewart

    I too have deleted my videos on my flip. Can you tell me if you had to buy a program to undelete your files. I did down load one and paid but the unlocking key they sent me never worked. Would be grateful for your advice. Thanks

  7. Daniel

    @Margaret Hullo…the program I link to in this blog post is actually shareware. Which means you can use it during a trial version for free. That’s what I did. Good luck!

  8. Erik

    I just accidentally deleted my son’s 2nd birthday videos. This was HUGE!! Thanks for the post - you saved me.

  9. Kiley

    I did what you said but no videos show when searched. What did you specifically click on to pull up the deleted videos? The only thing i can uncover is WMA’s.

  10. Billy Zane

    Were all of these aforementioned videos erased when the flip camera was connected to the computer?
    I was wondering if the software will be able to recover the lost video that had been erased while the camera was independent of the pc?

  11. Daniel

    @Billy Zane, yes my videos were erased when the flip camera was connected to the computer. Try it tho…maybe it works in your scenario too.

  12. Catherine

    I am not techie, at all, and this blog & undeletemyfiles was a lifesaver…… Thank you so Much. Flip video support said it could not be done…. It has been done & once I relaxed & followed the directions, it was done within minutes! WOW, thank you so much.
    My files were not on my computer I deleted them off my flip, before they were saved, but the were there just like the blog says. I did not have to rename my videos, unles some had the same name.

  13. Jennifer

    My 3-year-old got hold of my Flip and deleted a whole weekend worth of video from our older son’s basketball tournament. Thanks to UndeleteMyFiles, we were able to recover all those memories! What an incredible tool! Flip said it couldn’t be done, don’t believe them, you can easily save all of your videos with this program.

  14. Matt

    I’m in love with you too. Originally, while my Flip was still downloading movies to FlipShare I asked it so save all to the computer and selected “delete when done.” I had 80 other videos yet to be downloaded but the delete chose to delete all and not those already deleted. You saved me from serious self-flagellation. Thank you!

  15. Andrea

    It did recover my files but most of them won’t play or won’t work =/ can you figure out my problem for me?

  16. carol anne

    I deleted a very important video–been on this for a couple of hours now. it will not let me put on g: I need to get it from my flip where it was accidentally deleted from. Please help. I am trying to be hopeful considering everyone elses messages.

  17. Daniel

    @Carol Anne Hey in the program did you select the proper drive, for your Flip Camera? It may be it isn’t G…but another letter. If your Flip Camera isn’t showing up AT ALL…remove it and plug in different USB port. Make sure its batteries are full too. Good luck!

    @Andrea Try renaming the files from “Whatevertheirnameis” TO “Whatevertheirnameis.AVI”. Sometimes you need that dot AVI at the end of the filename. Hope you can fix it.

    @Matt, You’re welcome. :)

  18. Jamie

    I followed all of the directions, but I still couldn’t save my files :-(

  19. Andrew

    Yet another satisfied happy person to brag about the undeletemyfile program. I use my flip for work and accidently deleted a very important testimonial. I at first went into a rage, but then thought to my self there is probably some new software i can download and recover the file and what do ya know. Like magic i got it back, Thank you for whoever posted this on here, LIFESAVER!!

  20. doug

    I think I have recovered the file. I moved the file to my flip, changed the name, changed from mp4 to avi and it still shows up as unplayable video. It wont play on my pc either, any ideas??

  21. mary ann

    I recovered the files with the undeletemyfiles…but the files won’t open (via window media player, quicktime, etc)…can you give more detail in which directory i need to put the files back into on the Flip drive..maybe i put it in the wrong folder….

    Also…do i rename the file name from MP4 to and *.avi file…i did not do that…i just left it as an MP4…is that why it will not play…

    Please help…i need more specific directions

  22. Beth

    What type of FlipCams are you guys using? I am using Ultra HD and this does not work. (The files from this Flip Cam, by default, are .mp4’s, not .avi’s–I am not sure if all versions of the FlipCam’s generate Mp4’s)

    I was able to recover the files (now called _ID00xx.mp4) with the Undelete program, but they are all unplayable (even when renamed to VID00xxx.mp4, or VID00xx.avi).

    Does anyone know if this codec issue? I saw some posting about the K Lite Codec pack, but it did not work, and I am not familiar with Codec’s to be able to troubleshoot…

    The files are there, so they should be able to play….Any suggestions?

  23. Meena

    I can definitely say I can recover the file but I can play it either. It already had the AVI extension and so I know that is not the problem. Anybody figure out hoe to fix that yet?

  24. Meena

    Sorry I meant to say, I can’t play it either.

  25. John

    I undeleted my files and they have an extension of MP4 but when I put them back on the Flip Video camera thay all say unplayable - any ideas out there?

  26. Howie

    This worked for me! I’m using a Flip UltraHD and accidentally deleted maybe 30 files. I was able to find them in undeletemyfiles. I recovered. Then saved in Flipshare using the “Recover other Flipshare Files”

  27. Dale

    Just used this to recover files accidentally deleted. Thank you for the post!

    One question for anyone. about 15% of the files recover in full size but then when run say they are corrupt? Any solutions? They come back in as MP4’s.

  28. Chrissy

    I just recently was at a concert and I had to delete all videos from my flip. I was very sad until i down loaded UndeleteMyFiles. I am so pleased that i was able to get my video’s back. This rocks and i will be telling everyone about this


  29. Kristy

    I tried this and it did not find any of my files. I have not recorded anything else. Can someone PLEASE help :)

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